When refugees reinvented the art world by being anti-art


Refugees from all around Europe including a group of misfit artists found a safe haven in neutral Switzerland one hundred years ago while World War One raged. A mix of painters, poets, sculptors and performers banded together and founded the avant-garde art movement known as Dada.

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The 200-year birthday of Frankenstein - time to be scared!

frankenstein; switzerland

It was a dark and stormy night two hundred years ago this June when Frankenstein was first animated in a Swiss chateau by the 18 year old Mary Shelly. She created the legendary monster after a challenge by Lord Byron who had invited a group of young British literary types to spend the summer on the shores of Lake Geneva.

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Bliss Out or Burnout

Sometimes it takes a death to remind you the value of life. I got several messages yesterday to tell me the CEO I used to work for had taken his life at 59 years old. The last time I had seen him was in a coffee shop where we had chatted about the changing neighborhood and the noise from the upcoming techno festival that day we were both trying to escape.

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From California’s Coast Highway to Zurich’s Seestrasse

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